SOLMET – Non Ferrous Metals

SOL is a leading European supplier of industrial gases for lead and copper industries, with references that range from gases and equipment to process consulting and services. Through the wide experience and technical know-how of SOL, SICGILSOL is able to support non ferrous industry in their process, from melting, to refining extrusion and annealing, so as to create added value and increased efficiency.


Non ferrous melting:

In the today’s competitive non ferrous producers are continuously looking for improving their performance and reducing their environmental impact both in primary and secondary plants, where scrap and acid lead spent batteries are processed. SICGILSOL expertise, being always close to the customer’s needs, are focus, in co-operation with SOL group partners, on the development and supply of SOLMET technology, the most updated combustion technology tailored to your needs.

The SOLMET technology use the oxygen to enhance the combustion process with an improvement of efficiencies :

  • increased production up to 25%, depending on charged scrap and furnace type;
  • improved management of the dirty scraps (grids and poles, cable, paste, ...), with possibility of an afterburner phase;
  • reduced waste gas  up to 70 %, depending on charged scrap and furnace type;
  • fuel savings up to 50 %, depending on  type of furnace .

On this basis SICGILSOL proposes, together with its partners, a complete service, based on local support through global expertise, which includes:

  • Furnace and afterburner design recommendation (Furnace type,  metal stirring device, burner placement, …);
  • SOLMET combustion system (Burners, Electric control system, Flow control systems, …).
  • Installation and start-up services, including process optimization and worker’s training.
  • After sales services including spare parts, furnace audit, flue gas analysis and combustion plant maintenance.

SOLMET combustion system has been applied to every type of furnace (single-pass rotary, double-pass rotary, tilting rotary, basin furnace, anode furnace, shaft furnaces, …)  and could be applied also to your furnace:

  • SOLMET Combustion flow  control systems including oxy-oil, oxy-gas and dual fuel, which can be tailor to meet  your specific requirements, thus giving flexibility without affecting the benefit of a pre-engineered systems like proven design, lower capital investment and faster delivery.
  • SOLMET melter process control systems, which includes also the afterburning control. The SOLMET  process control board is a PLC-based system structure which ensure component reliability, flexible software package and include a user-friendly operation software package. It’s possible, as optional, to develop, together with the furnace supplier, a SOLMET supervision program that allow the complete control of the melting shop to improve the plant managing.
  • SOLMET High efficient lances and burners, including oxy-gas, oxy-oil, dual fuel and air-oxy-gas both oxygen and water cooled design. The SOL group experience, supported by the mathematical modelling, allows  us to choice the best lance and burner designs and configurations for our customers.
  • SOLMET burner cooling system, which is designed to assure the burner cooling without problems of limestone problems and to minimise the burner maintenance.
Non ferrous melting


On the basin furnaces the gas stirring :

  • improves the thermo-chemical homogeneity of the bath;
  • reduces the degassing time and the inclusions;  
  • reduces the metal losses and the specific energy consumption.

The gas purging improves the quality of the final product by degassing, removing the undesiderable hydrogen and inclusions. The SOL group expertise can support you to define the best degassing technology and the most suitable degassing gas ( inert or active ).



In the production of soft lead the removal of antimony is a time consuming procedure which could be improved with the SOLMET lances.
The bubbling of an air-oxygen mixture reduces the processing time to reach the correct antimony concentration in the refinery kettle.


The SOL group has developed many services to support the non ferrous producers  :

  • SOLMET ladle preheating station to increase the ladle temperature;   
  • Safe supply”  with the telemetric control and automatic refilling of the cryogenic storages;
  • On-site supply  with the complete managing of the on-site unit  to assure the technical gas delivery
  • Supply and Maintenance of the cryogenic storages and of the technical gas pipeline;
  • Worker’s training on safe use of technical gases.