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Single Cylinders Delivery Systems

SICGILSOL Compressed gas cylinders – for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium etc – are designed to withstand such rough handling. For one, they are made of high-quality seamless steel tubes using state-of-the-art CNC machines.

SICGILSOL Cylinders are as per IS-7285, certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) and approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Government of India.

SICGILSOLshall provide cylinders having water capacities50 Litres - 200 BAR of filling pressure and containing 10.m3 of compressed Gases.

Single cylinders suit most of the users well. It is a very flexible solution for customers with low volume consumptions.

SICGILSOL cylinders helping our customer to save the cost of transportation , Reducing Cylinders Holding, Extending the time of cylinder replacement.