About Us
The Company

SICGILSOL India Private Ltd. is a 50% - 50% joint venture between SICGIL India Ltd., India, the leading Indian carbon dioxide company, owned by the Dadaboy’s Family, and SOL S.p.a., Italy, controlled by the Annoni and Fumagalli’s Families.

SICGILSOL produces, sells and distributes technical gases and related technologies in the Indian market, both in the industrial and healthcare sector. Thanks to the SICGIL’s footprint and to the SOL’s long term experience that ranges from gases and equipment, to process consulting and services, SICGILSOL has already installed and operating two bulk refilling unit and also several sales offices within the first few years.

In the future, SICGILSOL will strengthen its gas distribution capability in India by building several new industrial, pure and medical gas ASU (Air Separation Units) and filling plant and distribution center across India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, where SICGILSOL has its headquarters. This shall be to cater to the auto-ancillary segment and engineering sector, contributing to the development of the Indian industry scenario.