Food and Beverages

With high reliability and meeting the standards of the food industry, our applications are widely used by an ever increasing number of first class companies.

The gases broadly used in this sector are:

  • Carbon Dioxide for atmosphere enrichment of greenhouses
  • Nitrogen and Argon to displace oxygen in MAP application
  • Oxygen together with Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide to package foodstuffs,
  • Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Carbon Dioxide for quick food freezing and temperature control,

These gases are produced by SICGILSOL either at the customer site (refer Onsite Plants) or can be delivered to the customer in cryogenic tankers with the highest quality standards.


SICGILSOL offers food grade nitrogen as per the EC directives for the use of gases in the food industry. This gas can be supplied from SICGILSOL through cryogenic tankers or can be produced on the customer’s site through NitroSOL solution.

This nitrogen can be used as an inerting agent to protect material stored in tankers or silos through blanketing applications.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging
The brand AliSOL is a complete food grade Gas line, available for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)technology, for food preservation. This has been developed by SOL to extend shelf life of packaged food from several days to several weeks.

With AliSOL technology, air surrounding food in a package is flushed out and replaced with acarefully formulated gas mixture using carbondioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and argon. The advantages of this application are:

  1. Delay spoilage mechanisms associated with fresh foods, including poultry, meats, fish, seafood, bakery products, dairy products, prepared meals, fruit and vegetables,
  2. Enhancing presentation of the product at the point of retail sale,
  3. Better packaging solutions

Bottling Applications
AliSOL brand nitrogen is also used in the bottling applications of non-carbonated drinks. Using VBS technology, SICGILSOL can implement AliSOL Drop-by-Drop system at the customer’s facility for the following advantages:

  1. Increased shelf life
  2. Thinner plastic bottles
  3. Better stacking capabilities
  • Food Cooling and Freezing
    Cryogenic food freezing and cooling applications using liquefied gases such as liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide helps to reduce the temperature of the products to be frozen or chilled.
  • Total Gas Management TGM service has been developed by SOL in order to cater to a fully compliant food quality Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen for beverage industry called FastDrink Service. Through HACCP plan and Quality System procedures, this service assures to SOL’s customer, quality controlling of food grade gas in every phase of production, delivery, storage and distribution at customer site.
    Fast Drink Service is applicable to soft drink/beer plants, as well as to HoReCa operators and Wine producers.
    The service includes supply of food cryogenic gas, compressed gas, special mixtures and carbon dioxide dryice -DrySOL line - for temperature control of grapes and must fermentation.
  • Water Treatment
    This is a specialized, easy-to-install application dedicated to increasing dissolved oxygen content in the waste water basins. This application involves injection of oxygen in the basins using ECOJET equipment.
    ECOJET increases the dissolved oxygen content in the water enhancing the microbial activities and increasing the efficiency of the ETP plants.
  • Pure/Special Gases
    SICGILSOL can also supply special and very high purity gas for standard and precision mixtures to be used into instrumentation for process analysis and laboratory.