Medical nitrous oxide and oxygen mixture

Donapa is a ready-to-use medical gas mixture consisting of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen for use in all situations where analgesia and sedation with rapid onset and offset is sought.

Nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture provides the pain relieving properties of nitrous oxide with the benefits of additional oxygen without producing unconsciousness. It is a widely used analgesic for acute, short-term pain relief in a diverse range of clinical situations, from painful procedures to childbirth
DONAPA is ideal for the treatment of acute pain in accident and emergency departments. It also offers a safe and effective alternative to the commonly used analgesic agents (e.g. morphine, Oramorph,pethidine and NSAID’s) in the control of pain due to short procedures. For example:

  • fracture manipulation
  • dermatological procedures
  • endoscopy
  • wound dressing changes
  • suturing of lacerations
  • burns dressing
  • venepuncture
  • Labour
  • vascular procedures
  • patient mobilisation
  • radiological procedures
  • wound drain removal.

The EMONO device is designed and created to withdraw a patient’s exhalation with gas mixtures containing 50% of nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen and expel it outdoors away from windows and doors to other rooms, ventilation systems, and places in order to prevent the build up of nitrous oxide in the environments therefore minimizing exposure of workers to it.